Brands running Loyalty Programmes need to focus on pushing Customer Engagement

By Retail, Technology

Recent research published by Management Consulting and Information Technology services firm Capgemini and reviewed by Marketing Week, highlighted that just 11% of loyalty programmes offer a personalised reward based on a customer’s purchase history. Tesco, one of the most successful loyalty schemes, does personalise their customer rewards – their customers are sent vouchers based on what they regularly purchase. Read More

Mobile Technology making shopping even easier

By Retail

Customers are increasingly using mobile and digital technology in most aspects of their lives, from grocery shopping to booking holidays. Why trawl through shops during the day, with online shopping available 24/7. So, in this technology driven era, how will retailers get the edge on their competitors, especially in the lead up to the Christmas. Read More

Battle of the best Christmas TV ads

By Retail

Last week saw the much anticipated unveiling of the new John Lewis Christmas advertisement.  Since John Lewis returned to the small screen in 2007, their Christmas ads have been a talking point among consumers in the lead up to the festive period. This year, the John Lewis ad features a friendship between a young boy and a penguin called Monty. When Christmas day arrives, the young boy gifts Monty with the present he has always been dreaming of – a female penguin companion. According to the marketing director at John Lewis, they were aiming to bring people back to their childhood and tell a real story of love and friendship. The ad has received almost 12 million views after 5 days on YouTube, cementing its place at the top spot of the Christmas marketing charts.

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All we want for Christmas is to be told what to buy

By Retail

Everything changes for shops at Christmas. New store opening hours, special offers, Christmas themed decorations, products and events, all intended to get as many customers as possible into your shop throughout the Christmas rush.

So, with all shops trying the same marketing methods, how do you ensure that customers will choose to come to you above all others?

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