YouTube is 10 years old!

By Technology

This month marks ten years since the launch of YouTube, undoubtedly the world’s most popular online video platform.  The domain name was registered on the 14th February 2005, with the first video uploaded by one of the YouTube founders on 23rd April and public testing of the site began in May. YouTube launched a month long celebration on the 1st May, promising to share some of the most memorable video moments from the past ten years, with a “YouTube A – Z: A Letter A Day Throughout May”. Read More

Brands running Loyalty Programmes need to focus on pushing Customer Engagement

By Retail, Technology

Recent research published by Management Consulting and Information Technology services firm Capgemini and reviewed by Marketing Week, highlighted that just 11% of loyalty programmes offer a personalised reward based on a customer’s purchase history. Tesco, one of the most successful loyalty schemes, does personalise their customer rewards – their customers are sent vouchers based on what they regularly purchase. Read More

Video Advertising in an Integrated Advertising Campaign

By Technology

Brands are increasingly using video advertising to engage with their customers, and create a seamless advertising campaign. Research firm Enders Analysis has recently reported that the UK Online video advertising market will be worth the same as Channel 4’s ad revenue by 2016. Channel 4 earned £846 million in ad revenue in 2013; online video advertising spend was £325 million in the same year.  Comparing video advertising spend with one of the UK’s most popular TV channels ad revenue shows the scale of its growth. Read More

“Facebook at Work” to arrive and rival LinkedIn

By Technology

As Facebook reaches saturation point in many developed markets, they need a way to generate traffic, particularly during the ‘normal’ working hours as many employees are actively discouraged from logging onto social networking sites while at work, with some companies even blocking access on the company network.  Facebook are reportedly preparing to launch a business orientated version of their popular social networking site to get users engaging with the site during working hours. Read More